Best Dishes To Try In Japan

Japan cuisine does not just revolve around sushi and ramen since the country has a lot of great tasty food. From Japanese-style barbecue to hibachi, Japanese cuisine has a huge diversity of dishes.

Here are some of the best dishes you should try in Japan:


Takoyaki is one of the most popular snacks in Japan and for good reason. It is easy to eat and can be eaten almost anywhere. Made of a piece of octopus that is fried inside a wheat flour batter, topped with bonito flakes, seaweed, mayonnaise and tare to complete.


Tonkatsu is a thick, deep-fried pork cutlet and if often served with a sweet brown sauce and a pile of cabbage.


Oyakodon is a combination of chicken, eggs, sliced onion that are simmered in a soy-based sauce to make an omelette-like dish that is also draped on rice.


Served in a shallow iron pot with thinly sliced beef, vegetables, and noodles simmered in a sweet broth, this tasty soup is perfect any time of the day and night.

Shabu shabu

Different from sukiyaki, shabu shabu is more of a savoury hot pot which has different types of thinly sliced meats and vegetables that are cooked in a boiling broth.

Miso soup

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup that is made of miso paste, diced tofu, seaweed and scallions.


Udon is made of thick wheat flour noodle that is best served chilled in the summer and hot in the winter.


Onigiri is a popular rice lunch that is shaped into handy, triangular pyramids. It is commonly filled with different types of stuffing such as salted salmon or pickled plum.

The Best Things to do in Hong Kong

With over eight million inhabitants, Hong Kong can get pretty hectic. Needless to say, if you don’t like crowded places, this may not be the travel destination for you. If you can handle it, however, Hong Kong will reward you with incredible experiences!

There is so much to do in Hong Kong, and we’ve gathered our picks for what we recommend you should do and see while you’re there.

The Central Water Fountain in Kowloon Park

The Hong Kong Museum of History will fill you in on Hong Kong’s complicated past with a range of informative exhibits, and after you’ve toured it you can then walk through Kowloon Park, which includes a swimming pool, various ponds, a Chinese garden, and an aviary.

Mong Kok street markets

The busiest markets in Hong Kong offer inexpensive souvenirs, a ladies market full of clothing and accessories, and the Temple Street Night Market. They are open every day from noon into the late evening.

From here you can also visit the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, which runs along the waterfront and offers a fantastic view of the skyline. You absolutely have to see the Avenue of Stars too, which is the Hollywood of Hong Kong. It features the Walk of Fame for the stars of Chinese and Western film. It also offers shops, restaurants, and an outdoor market.

The Star Ferry

Travel across the harbour from Kowloon Island to Hong Kong Island with the Star Ferry, which only costs HKD2.70 and will give you some camera-worthy views of the city while you take a relaxing journey.

Bigfoot Tours

No, there are no Yetis, but Bigfoot Tours offer small group food tours that take about four hours, and will give you a great sampling of Hong Kong’s many delicacies. Make sure you arrive with an empty stomach; you don’t want to pass up anything!

The Ping Shan Heritage Trail

In the northern district there’s a walking trail that will lead you to the ancient sights of the Tang clan, the Che Kung Temple, and the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas. All of these are worth the trek, plus you’ll get plenty of exercise to walk off all the food!

If you only have a short time in this wonderful city, our picks will give you a great overview of Hong Kong’s food, history and culture. You’ll taste amazing food and pick up souvenirs cheap enough that you’ll be buying for as many of your friends as possible! We know you’ll enjoy the magical city of Hong Kong.